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Ozanam Center Service-Saturday, October 19

International Festival-Saturday, October 19
The festival is from 5:00-8:00 PM. Raffle tickets are now available for purchase after each Mass.

World mission Sunday-October 20
Please put your envelope in the general collection.

Confirmation Classes-October 23
Classes will be held from 7:00-8:30 PM on Wednesday evenings beginning  October 23. Parents are invited to register their adolescent sons and daughters in the the eighth grade up to the eleventh grade after the Sunday Masses.

Lectors-October 26
There will be a meeting at 3:00 pm for those who were unable to attend the previous meeting. Please meet in the Church. We would appreciate a call to the Rectory (216-641-2829) if you will be joining us. Anyone who attended the previous meeting and wants a refresher is welcome to attend.

All Saints Procession-October 26 and 27
Parents are invited to dress their children as their favorite saint at the weekend Masses.  Children are invited to be part of the entrance “Procession of Saints” at the beginning of Mass. Children and their parents can all sit together in the front pews.

Mass of Remembrance-Saturday, November 2
All Souls Day at the 4:00 PM Mass. We mention the names of those who have died since November 2nd last year. Please call the office to include family members and friends.

Blanket Sunday
Please put your envelope in the general collection.

Parish School of Religion
PSR has begun. Parents are invited to register their children in Grades 1-6 after the Sunday Masses.

Communion Rite:
Please remember, those who are able to remain standing should do so until the last person has received Communion.

Food Pantry
Thanks to all who donate non-perishables to the food pantry. We need canned fruit, soups, stews, bar soap, single serve crackers and cookies, pop tarts, and paper grocery bags. If interested in volunteering, call Monica at (216)281-1052

Contribution Envelopes
Do you have your box of contribution envelopes? Is the information on them correct? If you do not have envelopes or need to make changes, please contact Eileen in the office at 216-641-2829 as soon as possible.
Our parish is benefiting from an exciting initiative. All our our parishioners who wish can access a virtual on-line Catholic library called FORMED! Hundreds of videos, presentations, books and other materials are available for use here at the parish as well as in the homes of our parishioners. You can go the the webpage: to set up an account. The Diocese is paying the cost of the subscription for one year. All of our parishioners can access this resource for FREE. Let’s make sure we take advantage of it.

Thank-you Fortuna Funderal Home and Bican Brothers Funderal Home for providing the beautiful 2019 calendars to our parish free of charge!

RICA and Adult Sacramental Preparation
If you or someone you know would like to become Catholic or learn more about the Catholic faith, please contact the parish office at 216.641.2829. Adults needing sacramental preparation for Baptism, First Communion, and/or Confirmation are invited to speak with Sr. Charlotte to make arrangements for classes.

2019 Mass Intentions
Please call the office at 216-641-2829 Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM to schedule your Mass intentions for next year.

New Choir Members
New Members are always welcome! Share your talents!!! If you are interested in joining the choir, please see Wayne Slota.

Partnering with MetroHealth and the City of Cleveland to offer No Charge medical services. Vaccines, exams, pharmacy and more. Call 216-201-9325 for information or visit

Please note the weekly bulletin is furnished to the Parish without charge.  The advertisements that appear completely defray all publishing costs that the parish would otherwise be burdened.  Please patronize these sponsors as a thank you for their kind generosity.

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